Annenviertel Flea Market - Graz

  • Posted on: 13 September 2017
  • By: David Steinwender

Short Summary
In spring and autumn the Annenviertel flea-market attracts people from whole over the city. The pop-up initiative aims to involve people living in the neighbourhood and to foster cooperations among local entrepreneurs.

The Annenstraße is the main street connecting the main railway station of Graz with its city centre. Since the rise of shopping malls at the city edges the local shops suffer from less and less customers. In 2012/13 the street was rebuilt allowing less car traffic. However, the concept of the street lacks of place to accommodate and green zones.

The Annenviertel flea-market - as a part of the Annenviertel quarter initiative - therefore tries to bring the people together in the streets twice a year.

Transformational Measures and Activities

  • involve local businesses and the neighbourhood
  • foster cooperations among locals
  • one day street closure (except for public transport and bicycles) twice a year
  • enabling many people to use the whole street (instead of cars)


  • the amount of people coming rose over the years
  • the flea-market became a very important institution for the locals in the street

Challenges, Opportunities and Transferability

  • the city government/administration can be very bureaucratic which can be a challenge for citizen's initiatives - broad public support and media coverage may help to communicate the intention behind such happenings
  • flea markets attract many people and encourages sharing, bargaining and communication

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