D2.3 Consolidated Local Analysis Report

The document contains details of the local analyses of the seven partner cities in conjunction with their six ‘stewards’, as well as a general consolidated summary.

Download: PDF icon Metamorphosis_D2.3_v1.1.pdf

Metamorphosis: Cities for Children. Stakeholders roundtable

Presentation slides "BRUSSELS FOR CHILDREN" Pascal Smet

Download: PDF icon CitiesForChildren_20190617 Pascal SMET_verkleinert.pdf

Metamorphosis: Cities for Children. Stakeholders roundtable

Presentation slides "KIDS & THE LIFE-SIZED CITY" Mikael Colville-Andersen

Download: PDF icon Brussels+June+2019+Shorter+Metamorphisis MIKAEL COLVILLE-ANDERSEN.pdf

Metamorphosis: Cities for Children. Stakeholders roundtable

Presentation slides "Transform car orientated into child friendly streets" Karl Reiter

Download: PDF icon Metamorphosis_ Bruxelles event1 Karl Reiter FGM.pdf

Metamorphosis: Cities for Children. Stakeholders roundtable

Presentation slides "European Mobility Week" Piotr Rapacz

Download: PDF icon Piotr Rapacz slides 2019 06 19 EMW Children Public Space Metamorphosis.pdf

“Let the Kids Play in the Streets”

On June 19th, the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) hosted a stakeholders roundtable for the EU project Metamorphosis, aimed at transforming neighbourhoods to be more children friendly. The event was enlightened with presentations on equity, democracy, social and spatial justice and urban planning. Click Here to watch the facebook live stream!

Download: PDF icon PressRelease_Final_1.pdf

"20 Good Reasons" for street transormations in neighbourhoods

This brochure provides 20 reasons for transforming our cities from car-oriented naeighbourhoods into child-friendly places. The brochure is based on facts and figures and is a great tool for anyone interested in the topic, but in particular for municipal decision makers.

Download: PDF icon 20GR_EN_final.pdf

Activity Handbook: the School Environment Scan

This handbook was created as a result of the execution of three School Environment Scans in the municipality of Tilburg. The School Environment Scan is developed as an answer to the challenge
that was created by the European Horizon2020 research project METAMORPHOSIS: to find new ways of translating the needs children in neighbourhoods and urban districts into mobility solutions and to find new ways to deliver these solutions in a process of co-creation. This handbook has been created by students of the Breda University of applied sciences, in the Netherlands, as commissioned by Inez Rastovac, project leader METAMORPHOSIS from the Municipality of Tilburg.

Download: PDF icon Handbook School Environment Scan. 2 doc.pdf

The School Environment Scan at primary school De Lochtenbergh

On October 25, 2018, the Tilburg Veilig Naar School´s (Tilburg Safe To School) activity the School Environment Scan took place in Tilburg under the METAMORPHOSIS project. Together with the children of groep 8b and their teacher, the environment of de Lochtenbergh primary school was scanned based with the involvement of the children and parents. The attached document contains information about the organization, achieved results and the next steps arisen from this activity.

Download: PDF icon Case Study_SES de Lochtenbergh.pdf

Hunderte Demonstranten in der Innenstadt

Article in local newspaper about a demonstration for clean air with Metamorphosis partners leading the discussions.

Download: PDF icon Hunderte Demonstranten in der Innenstadt.pdf

Die Straße als Spielplatz

Report about the Metamorphosis activities around the schools in the neighbourhood of Lend in Graz.


Download: PDF icon Die Straße als Spielplatz_kl.Zeitung.pdf

Warum der Lendwirbel die Massen anzieht

Article about the Lendwirbel activity in Graz.

Download: PDF icon Warum der Lendwirbel die Massen anzieht_kl.Zeitung.pdf

VCÖ- Mobility Award 2018

Metamorphosis Project won the Austrian Mobility Award

Download: PDF icon VCÖ_Preis_Metamorphosis.pdf

Wie das urbane Graz aufleben könnte

Article in national/regional newspaper about Metamorphosis and how the project measures can implove life in the city.


Download: PDF icon Wie das urbane Graz aufleben könnte_Kl.Zeitung_17062018.pdf

D2.2 Catalogue of Potential Measures and Activities

This "catalogue" of potential measures and activities is designed to provide "best practice"-type case studies that may be used to develop further ideas to those seeking to transform their local neighbourhoods in a child-friendly way and to increase the quality of life for all citizens.

Download: PDF icon Metamorphosis_D2.2_v1.1.pdf

D2.1 General Analysis Report

Deliverable 2.1 General Analysis Report containing and specifying the objectives, target groups and targets of the project.

Download: PDF icon Metamorphosis_D2.1_v1.1.pdf

Healthy Streets for London

Brochure from Transport for London outlinig the vison for healthy living in London

Download: PDF icon healthy-streets-for-london.pdf

NACTO Urban Street Design Guide

Source book from the National (American) Association of City Transportation Officials (2012)

It covers issues like: Five Principals of Urban Street Design, Streets and Intersections, Critical Issues, Treatments & Elements, etc.

Download: PDF icon nactourbanstreetdesignguide.pdf

Urban Street design guide

Source book from the National (American) Association of City Transportation Officials

It covers issues like: Street Design Principals, Street Design Elements, Intersection Design Elements, Interim Design Strategies, etc.

Download: PDF icon Urban_Street_Design_Guide_NACTO.pdf

Bewußtseinsbildung für öffentlichen Verkehr an Schulen und Kindergärten

Source book on raising awareness about mobility issues in schools and kindergartens with a focus on public transport.

(German language)

Download: PDF icon vcoe_hintergrundbericht_oeffischool_20160425.pdf