From dreaming to building space. City planning by and with children

  • Posted on: 21 February 2019
  • By: Marta Palacios
Merano, Italy
Fri 29.03.2019

"Aus Träumen entstehen Räume – Stadtplanung mit und von Kindern"

"From dreaming to building space. City planning by and with children"

Lecture by Monika Abendstein, founder of the Bilding school of art and architecture for children, Innsbruck. 

Friday March 29th, 8 -10 pm, Urania, Merano

Kids have a subtle sensorium when it comes to space perception and are tireless in producing space. These skills qualify them as serious, constructive and equally valued partners in the planning of constructed environment. It's up to us to promote this potential and to respect children's needs, desires and suggestions in order to facilitate city planning and development on a partnership basis.
Le lecture intends to offer concrete examples of how to involve children actively in constructed environment planning and in participative processes. It points out children's  architectural utopias and fantasies explaining how kids design their city of the future.