Spaces for Solidarity

Rijeka, Croatia
Thu 16.04.2020 09:00 to Sat 18.04.2020 17:00

All across Europe, citizens (including those who are not formally recognised as such) are realising they are not alone and are organising their communities. They are creating new online and offline spaces where working together and generating solidarity is what matters. In these spaces culture functions as a language to describe reality, to express feelings and opinions. Culture works to strengthen social ties and helps to imagine alternative ways of living and engaging with others in understanding, trust and peace. Connecting these spaces will provide a crucial infrastructure for a cultural movement that can reclaim European democracy.

Culture Lab Europe has been set up as a live platform to strengthen this movement. Cultural activists and mediators will establish connections with colleagues from across Europe and work on common initiatives that can strengthen European Public Space. Culture Lab Europe provides a safe and inspirational working environment based on principles of free and open culture.

Culture lab Europe is part of the project Culture for Solidarity, a 2.5-year artistic investigation into the root causes of fragmentation in Europe. It is co-funded by the European Commission’s Creative Europe programme. The aim is to encourage greater solidarity, by highlighting cultural practices that bring unusual groups of people together, connecting these practices and scaling them across the continent.