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Cities for people educational conference

Fri 20.03.2020 09:30

The way we look at cities is changing! For years cars have been one of the dominant actors in city planning and design. This resulted in some unwanted side effects like: unpleasant, non-human-scale design of streets and squares, reduced life quality and congested and polluting transport planning. Contrary a focus on designing for people and sustainable- active mobility raised the opportunity to cycle and walk what makes cities more vibrant, accessible, safer and with less noise and pollution.

Creating The Child Friendly City: Conference

Wed 18.03.2020 09:00

As we move into the third decade of the 21st Century, it is becoming increasingly apparent that our cities are not really ‘fit-for-purpose’, or at least not great places in which to live, with the severe air pollution and traffic congestion problems that people face, as well as some of our communities if not high streets slowly declining from a lack of connectivity and community cohesion.

20 buenas razones para la transformación urbana de vecindarios

Graz, Austria
Thu 19.03.2020 11:00

Cada vez más personas viven en las ciudades y este número irá aumentando en las próximas décadas. Conseguir que las calles sean un espacio atractivo y multifuncional es clave para mejorar la calidad de vida urbana. Unos espacios públicos donde explorar, relacionarse, comunicarse y aprender,y donde los niños puedan moverse libremente y jugar.

Pratical tips to transform parking lots in your neighbourhood - small and big scale

Graz, Austria
Wed 26.02.2020 11:00

Temporarily closing roads to motorised traffic is the same as opening them to people. The existing space is considerably expanded, space is used in a new way and often conquered in a playful way. The quality of life for city residents increases, the streets become a space for movement and living rooms. Temporary interventions in public space offer various possibilities to bring colorful life to streets and squares. There are no limits to the creative freedom. The number of interactions between people increases and the cohesion in the neighbourhood is strengthened.


20 gute Gründe für die Transformation von Straßen in Nachbarschaften

Graz, Austria
Tue 17.03.2020 15:00

In den letzten 60 Jahre war die Stadtplanung auf Autos fokusiert. Der Stadtraum als Bewegungs- und Aufenthaltsraum ist zu einem Verkehrsraum geworden. Bei diesem Übergang wurden die Kinder verdrängt; wie alles andere, was den motorisierten Verkehr behinderte. Stattdessen wurden spezielle Orte für Kinder errichtet: Spielplätze! Denn Spielen und Verweilen in ihrem Wohnumfeld war nicht mehr möglich. Die Straße war zu einem Raum voller Gefahren geworden, und sie ist es bis heute. Kinder werden heute darin geschult, wie sie in dieser Umgebung überleben können. Wir nennen das: Verkehrserziehung!

TEN-T Days 2020 Conference

Šibenik, Croatia
Wed 13.05.2020 10:00

The event will bring together Ministers, Members of the European Parliament, European Coordinators, representatives of the European Commission, the European Investment Bank and other financial institutions, as well as TEN-T, CEF and Horizon2020 stakeholders to discuss the TEN-T revision and the progress on the implementation of the trans-European transport network. It aims at presenting the state of the art of TEN-T, as well as the achievements of the Connecting Europe Facility programme and the latest developments.

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Urbanism Next Europe

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Thu 25.06.2020 10:30

Inspired by the annual conference in Portland, Oregon USA, the Urbanism Next Conference is hosting an interdisciplinary convening in Rotterdam, Netherlands of private, public and academic stakeholders who play critical roles in shaping the future of our cities. The conference will explore how technological, societal and economic trends will change land use, urban design, transportation, health, the economy, and more.

20 good reasons for street transformation in neighbourhoods

Graz, Austria
Thu 06.02.2020 10:00

Over the last 60 years the city planning was car focused. The human city space has become a room full of combustion-energy machines. In this transition, children were left behind; like everything else that interfered with the free flow of motorised traffic, they were cleared out of the way. Instead, special reservations for children were built. We call them playgrounds! Because playing and lingering in their living environment was no longer possible. The street had become a hostile space, full of fear and danger, and it still is today.

Le strade scolastiche di Bolzano

Bolzano, Italy
Wed 12.02.2020 11:00

Nel webinar verrà illustrata l'esperienza della città di Bolzano riguardo alle iniziative introdotte per rendere più sicuro il percorso casa-scuola degli alunni delle scuole elementari: i Nonni Vigili che presso gli attraversamenti pedonali aiutano i bambini ad attraversare in sicurezza, gli accompagnamenti pedibus, la chiusura temporanea di alcune strade in prossimità della scuola dette "strade scolastiche".