• Posted on: 14 November 2017
  • By: Cristiana Fica

"Grădinescu" is the project developed by Kaufland together with its partners from the Institute of Research on Permaculture in Romania, and it is the first project in Romania which promotes the care for nature, and supports the development of urban gardening through its own example. Also, “Gradinescu” aims to familiarize children and adults with gardening and the ease of having a healthy diet even in the urban environment.

The project consists in a network of nine community urban gardens, three of which are located on the roofs of Kaufland shops, four in the parking places or behind the shops and two of them are located in two schools in Bucharest.

The first urban garden designed in Bucharest has 2300 square meters and is dedicated for use by the community. That's why Kaufland Romania is inviting people in the neighborhood to adopt their own garden plot to care for, under the guidance of specialists from the Partner Institute, thus becoming in this way a member of the "Gradinescu" family. The garden will also serve as a learning space for schools and kindergartens in the area.