Blossoming roads

  • Posted on: 29 September 2017
  • By: Sara Giona


Within the EU mobility week, for 3 year in a row an interregional competition "Strade in fiore/ Blühnede Straßen" took place. The municipalities of South Tyrol and Tyrol were encouraged to transform some road sections into vital and meeting places. There has been no limit to creativity: municipalities could organize all kinds of activities e.g. a street party, a flea market, sports events, playgrounds, temporary lounges, etc. The most beautiful and original idea have been evaluated by a jury and awarded in an interregional event


South Tyrol and Tyrol are strictly connected by social cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Municipalities shared same kinds of problems and often solutions. This strong connection among cities allowed the creation of an interregional completion that helped in promoting activities on sustainable mobility during the EU Mobility Week. The criteria took into consideration by the jury were: originality of activity, importance of the street closure, number of participants.


Transformational Measures and Activities

- organization of special events ( flea market, sport events, street-party, …)

- temporary closure of a central street

- Results

  • Citizens have the chance to see how the public space could change if the vehicles are not allowed to circulate on specific paths. They can enjoy defiantly public spaces.

Challenges, Opportunities and Transferability:

  • The possibility to experiment another way of living public spaces


In Depth in Italian and German (ITA) (DEU)