• Posted on: 25 September 2017
  • By: Koen Linthorst

Short Summary

Energiefabriek013 is an energy corporation in Tilburg. The corporation is a cooperation between inhabitants and entrepreneurs which try to find most sustainable forms of energy. Energiefabriek013 provides the opportunity of sustainable energy for Tilburg. As well as this the company gives advice to households about energy management. The company seeks to make Tilburg as green and sustainable as possible.


Stimulating people use sustainable or green forms of energy can be a tricky task. People tend to quickly dismiss such energy forms without regard for the natural environment. Energiefabriek013 searches for inhabitants and entrepreneurs who;

  • Want to involve themselves with local sustainable energy projects
  • Want to promote sustainable electricity or sustainable gas
  • Want to be able to create their own sustainable energy (f.e. Solar panels)

Transformational Measures and Activities

A shift in the mind-set of how energy management is organized can take place. The local people however do need to be involved for such an implementation. Sustainable energy must be supported by the locals in order for stimulation to take place.

Positive population interaction when accepting the new changes of energy organization. Implementations must be accepted not forced so that importance of the environment can be understood by the population.


A cleaner and more sustainable environment. Which inevitably should improve the quality of life of the city.

A more involved population when considering their city for themselves and for their own future. A new movement of the people, working together for the benefit of the city and then indirectly benefit themselves.

Challenges, Opportunities and Transferability

Transferability of such energy management schemes can be easily transferable. If cities have the incentive and the means (weather and money) then it should be something which can be copy and pasted.

An opportunity of such energy management scheme is that it can be seen as working towards the future. It is not a secret that sustainability when considering energy management is going to be a must in the future, our oil and gas reserves will run out. Therefore it would be a great opportunity to already be approaching new schemes.

A challenge could be that such new measures (especially sustainable energy) involve large investments. Sustainable energy is context is more expensive and 'different' and can therefore be seen as skeptical for implementation.

In Depth

More information can be found on their website: http://www.energiefabriek013.nl/