Fiets Forum Tilburg

  • Posted on: 25 September 2017
  • By: Koen Linthorst

Short Summary

Fiets forum Tilburg is an initiative taken in the city of Tilburg about biking in the city. In short it is a company which have created a website that everyone can access to be able to find information about anything to do with biking in Tilburg. The website allows users to find and post anything to do with the current, future or past situations or initiatives of biking. The website basically acts as a server for the city of Tilburg to highlight anything to do with a bike in its city, ranging from biking issues to biking events and much more.


Biking in Tilburg, as like other cities in the Netherlands, is very popular. A large amount of the population will be riding their bikes on a daily basis. Therefore fiets forum can be a handy website for people to find out about the happenings with biking in Tilburg. Stimulating the awareness of biking activity.

The website varies from posting things about biking activities/ events, to maps with routes, to dangerous cross sections. Really anything to do with biking in the city.

Transformational Measures and Activities

The website acts like a biking server for people to stay aware. For example, only just recently someone created a competition in Tilburg for people to try to make the best biking related picture. People could enter the competition and try to win a fun prize. This is just one of many kind of activities which led to people getting active with their bike to try to win the competition.


Results will vary depending on what has been posted and what the activity or information is. For example, the picture competition led to an amount of people going out and being active with their bike. Getting them to explore the city with their bike in an unusual way, by taking a creative picture somewhere. Another example could be that the website improved safety as the information online will have highlighted dangerous spots for people then to avoid/ be safer at until an improvement of the situation has occurred.

The results of the website generally act towards a more interactive population considering its biking initiatives.

Challenges, Opportunities and Transferability

The website acts on the input of the local residents. People need to understand the benefits of having an interactive population for raising awareness about biking. The transferability of the idea is very easy. All it needs is an initial creation of the website and then a little bit of maintenance after words, and then obviously an interactive population will to share information about biking.

In Depth
More information can be found on the website: