Skirt Bike

  • Posted on: 4 October 2017
  • By: Nicolaie Moldovan


You can tell how bike-friendly a city is by the number of women on bikes. In a city where bike riding in general is not always a bliss, Skirt Bike aims to celebrate the independence and empowerment that cycling can provide to all women and to encourage those who don’t already cycle. SkirtBike is a fun, colorful and friendly women bicycle ride, where the skirt or the dress is the proper outfit.


Skirt Bike started back in 2010 in Bucharest and it was considered by the media a heroic act to bike to work on the streets of Bucharest, especially as a female in a chic outfit.  At the first Skirt Bike that took place in Bucharest there were only 150 participants, that overcome the bad weather, but people got he message right and the following year, there were about 300 women and a few men wearing kilts proudly riding together. Last year, 4000 women joined the Skirt Bike movement in 17 different cities in Romania, making it a national event.

This year in Alba Iulia the thematic of the Skirt Bike was `Joy` so everyone was invited to bring along joy and a bicycle of course.


Skirt Bike campaigns in 17 different cities in Romania 

Citizens of different cities have the oportunity to participate at a cool bike movement in order to raise awarness on cycling to work more often.

Challenges, Opportunities and Transferability

The event was already transferred around the country and has the potential to be transferred at international level.

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