Temporary trial of co-designed street improvements at Valentine Primary School, Southampton (Part 3/4)

  • Posted on: 10 December 2019
  • By: Anna Solderer

The Street Trial of the co-designed items took place on Valentine Avenue, outside the school on Friday 22nd June 2018. The road was closed at 1pm and then Sustrans and My Journey staff supported children to recreate the workshop designs on the street. Visual, colourful and creative crossings were created in spray chalk outside the main entrance of the school. The Sustrans colourful ‘street kit’ was used to create planters and seating in front of the school and in the verges to make the space brighter, more enjoyable to dwell in and limit inappropriate parking.

At 3.15pm, when the school finished, engagement and play activities were set up in the street. Pupils, teachers, parents / carers and surrounding residents came out to celebrate the new designs and give feedback on the ideas and design principles.

Next Tuesday we will post part 4/4 from this action and you get to know the incredible result!