Presentation - Project Description

METAMORPHOSIS starts from the premise that when a neighbourhood has many children on its public spaces, that this is a major indicator that it is a welldesigned sustainable neighbourhood

Metamorphosis includes trial implementation cities with completely different neighbourhoods. Each city participates with up to four different neighbourhoods, selected to have a wide variety: in size, structure, density and diversity.

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D4.1 Compilation of instruments developed

The purpose of this document was to describe to interested parties and potential follower neighbourhoods and cities the various implementation of the Metamorphosis project in all 5 of the projects activity fields.

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Metamorphosis Roll Up

Metamorphosis Roll Up

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Metamorphosis Fact Sheets

Metamorphosis`Fact Sheets are now available

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Factsheets Zurich

Fact sheets about the implementations in Zurich.

Download: PDF icon Fact Sheets Zurich.pdf

Factsheets Southampton

Fact sheets about the implementations in Southampton.

Download: PDF icon Fact Sheets Southampton.pdf

Factsheets Munich

Fact sheets about the implementations in Munich.

Download: PDF icon Fact Sheets Munich.pdf

Facthseets Merano

Fact sheets about the implementations in Merano.

Download: PDF icon Fact Sheets Merano.pdf

Factsheets Graz

Fact sheets about the implementations in Graz.

Download: PDF icon Fact Sheets Graz.pdf

Factsheets Alba Iulia

Fact sheets about the implementations in Alba Iulia.

Download: PDF icon Fact Sheets Alba Iulia.pdf

Factsheets Tilburg

Fact sheets about the implementations in Tilburg.

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Presentation - Active Mobility

A major aim of METAMORPHOSIS is to empower children to become more independent users of active mobility and public space. When children get used to walking and cycling at an early age it is easier to continue with such acquired capabilities in the future.

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Presentation - Temporary Street opening

Temporary street openings differ in duration: short time, one day, several days. The aim is to move from just once to regular, from short-term to long-term and from temporary to permanent change. Openings are organised througout the city and activities are held to show the potential of the space.

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Presentation - Intervention in Public Space

The aim of interventions in public space is to discourage car use and encourage greater sustainable mobility by all citizens. Resulting in a descrease of harmful effects of motorised vehicles on children, while promoting health benefits of active mobility, improving the accessibility and community usage of public spaces.

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Presentation - Crystallisation Points

The aim is to create attractive neighbourhood spaces where people can congregate and in which children and parents are encouraged to spend more time outside and use sustainable mobility methods and tools. To create places where people are offered a formal or more informal opportunities for communication, exchange and sharing, to foster greater community interaction.

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Presentation - Educational and Innovative Tools

The aim is to create awareness raising tools, tools to encourage change and involve children in a playful way. Yet effective way and enable them to specify and communicate their visions for our future cities and neighbourhoods. This measure also aims at including these tools wthin the curricula

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Presentation - Integration into SUMP

All METAMORPHOSIS partners aim to improve planning procedures in their cities and to integrate it into their local SUMP. This to ensure that the METAMORPHOSIS thoughts, planning procedures and ideas live onward in the future planning of the seven cities and to be an example for other cities as well.

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Empowerment bicycle repair workshop

Description of the workshop themes, aims, materials and structure in general.

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Statement: Removal of pedestrian crossings

Statement on the subject: Removal of pedestrian crossings

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About the project in general

Metamorphosis project description short

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