20 good reasons for street transformation in neighbourhoods

Graz, Austria
Thu 06.02.2020 10:00 to 11:00

Over the last 60 years the city planning was car focused. The human city space has become a room full of combustion-energy machines. In this transition, children were left behind; like everything else that interfered with the free flow of motorised traffic, they were cleared out of the way. Instead, special reservations for children were built. We call them playgrounds! Because playing and lingering in their living environment was no longer possible. The street had become a hostile space, full of fear and danger, and it still is today. Children are even trained on how to survive in this environment. We call this traffic education! However, there are approaches pointing to a way out of this motorised dead-end street. Step by step, ‘living streets’ make play on the street possible again, parklets (converted parking lots) turn machine compounds into friendly communication spaces, and school environments can be freed from car traffic and returned to children. These are just some examples, and this webinar will tell you about the 20 good reasons for giving back the street space to people, and above all to children!