Bicycle training in Graz - a citywide bicycle training for children in 4th grade

Graz, Austria
Wed 25.03.2020 15:00 to 16:00

The bicycle training "Experts on the road" is attended by most of the primary schools in Graz. 2019 about 2000 children in fourth grade in 90 classes were trained by Austrian Mobility Research - AMOR. Due to funding by the city of Graz and an insurance company, the training can be offered free of charge to all primary schools in Graz, public and private ones.
The training is held with fourth graders, as bicycle education is part of their curriculum. Also, children in fourth grade can do a voluntary cycling proficiency test which allows them to cycle on their own at the age of nine or ten instead at the age of twelve.
The training is often the first experience in cycling in real traffic for the attending children.

The webinar deals with the implementation of the bicycle training in Graz. How does the bicycle training with children look like? How do we try to prepare children for biking in road traffic? Why do we do bicycle trainings in real traffic situations? What are the biggest obstacles when implementing bicycle trainings? Where can a bicycle training, like the model of FGM-AMOR be held?