The Bike Doctor activity in Tilburg

Wed 30.10.2019 14:00

Metamorphosis - The Bike Doctor activity in Tilburg

The Bike Doctor is part of the project ‘Tilburg veilig naar school’. The Bike Doctor is a simple concept whereby bicycle menders come to different schools every year to inspect the bicycles. This ensures that children can safely go to school by cycling. The ANWB participates in this activity and provides the schools with a tool box that the schools can use for their annual Bike Doctor event. The municipality of Tilburg will support this promotion by offering inspection cards, ok stickers, gadgets and a lesson letter about the bicycle lighting campaign. In addition, an interactive activity is held with children of ages 10-11 to improve their knowledge about bicycle safety in a fun way. The activity consists of a short presentation that is followed by a memory game where the children can show how much they already know about bike safety. In short, the Bike Doctor is a project in which children are encouraged to use the bicycle more often and to improve the safety of cycling to and from school.

The webinar will be held in English.