Cities for people educational conference

Fri 20.03.2020 09:30

The way we look at cities is changing! For years cars have been one of the dominant actors in city planning and design. This resulted in some unwanted side effects like: unpleasant, non-human-scale design of streets and squares, reduced life quality and congested and polluting transport planning. Contrary a focus on designing for people and sustainable- active mobility raised the opportunity to cycle and walk what makes cities more vibrant, accessible, safer and with less noise and pollution. This trend, designing cities for people, is exciting to watch and projects across Europe are reclaiming public space and putting people first in urban planning.

At the cities for people conference, multiple projects like Metamorphosis, Portis and The Big Link and researchers from universities like the University of Southampton, the Technical University of Dresden and Breda University of Applied sciences will speak about topics vision, stakeholder engagement, implementations and monitoring and evaluation.

The panel discussions will focus on cross sectional learning between projects and the audience and in the afternoon 80 students will work with professionals on real cases based on the projects to try to find new solutions for still existing challenges.

If your project would like to participate as a project or participant, you are welcome! The more different perspectives we can find, the more we can learn and the easier we see the bigger picture to create cities for people!

There is no admission fee!

For more information, please contact Nick v. A.: