Gradinescu Alba Iulia - The role of permaculture in Education

Alba Iulia
Mon 09.03.2020 11:00

The Gradinescu network is about gardens and the community. It's about us and nature. It's about food and sustainable living in urban areas.

Gradinescu project aims to cultivate local solutions to global problems in urban and community gardens. Gradinescu is a model of urban regeneration that exemplified such systems of permaculture, education, circular economy, energy and food can creatively merge into a network of urban gardens that bring sour energy and vitality to the lives of town`s people. 


The Gradinescu Network brings innovation in urban regeneration projects through an integrative approach comprising: urban and Community gardening infrastructure, green jobs, urban gardens as social models that support conviviality, resilience and lifelong learning, research and innovation in the city in the fields of zero waste management, circular economy, social equity, permaculture for cities in transition, learning and experimentation contexts for adaptability to the labor market among students, production of vegetables and fruits locally, models of partnership and cooperation between businesses, NGOs, educational environments and community.