How to build SUMP for more child-friendly and liveable cities

Mon 13.05.2019 11:00

During urban planning phases, children's wishes and views are often forgotten. With the three-year long (2018-2020) METAMORPHOSIS project, seven cities want to pursue the goal of child-friendly neighbourhoods and let children arise their voice for neighbourhood planning.

The focus lies on the transformation of designated neighbourhoods away from being car-oriented places, to improve citizens’ physical and mental health, and quality of life for the community – always keeping the focus on children´s needs. Measures like street closures, living labs, temporary installations or cycling workshops are being implemented in seven cities to achieve this objective.

But how to translate the project’s temporary activity into long term measures for more inclusive urban planning and more liveable cities? The focus of the webinar will be on how such concrete measures can be integrated into a strategic mobility paper such as a SUMP.

Through this webinar the experience gained so far by the METAMOPRHOSIS project will now be shared and discussed with a wider audience. Examples will show which subgoals can be easily implemented, where obstacles exist and which goals can be integrated into local SUMPs.