Pratical tips to transform parking lots in your neighbourhood - small and big scale

Graz, Austria
Wed 26.02.2020 11:00 to 12:00

Temporarily closing roads to motorised traffic is the same as opening them to people. The existing space is considerably expanded, space is used in a new way and often conquered in a playful way. The quality of life for city residents increases, the streets become a space for movement and living rooms. Temporary interventions in public space offer various possibilities to bring colorful life to streets and squares. There are no limits to the creative freedom. The number of interactions between people increases and the cohesion in the neighbourhood is strengthened.


Mine is Yours is Our public space!


This webinar will present concrete projects from Graz (AT) for the redesign of public space and give practical tips for imitation. The projects presented will cover the range from small and inexpensive to large and more cost-intensive, such as a neighbourhood breakfast, participatory building of a wooden sculpture. Using these examples, the diversity of the use of roads and parking lots will be shown and the implementation will be explained in practical terms.