Sensing the City

Antwerp, Belgium
Mon 06.07.2020 10:30 to Wed 08.07.2020 10:30

The Antwerp Urban Studies Institute will host the 2020 ISA-RC21 Annual conference in Antwerp, Belgium. The Urban Studies Institute is a platform and laboratory for the development of interdisciplinary research and education on cities, urban development and urban challenges at the University of Antwerp.

How we see, hear, feel, smell and perhaps even taste the city, shapes urban life materially, socially and imaginatively. Through our sensory experiences, cities as heterogeneous constellations of places and people acquire meanings, create place attachment or detachment and offer ground for boundary work along lines of class, ethnicity, gender and other categories. How citizens experience fragmentary, unequal and contradictory realities of global urbanity has long been of interest to urban scholars. It inspired Simmel to explore the mental life of urban citizens in the early 20th century metropolis.

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