Street Openings and School Streets

Wed 11.12.2019 15:00

Wednesday 11th December, 14:00-14:50 UK time (15:00-15:50 CET), including Q&A session

The air pollution and traffic congestion generated by cars and other motorised vehicles is a major concern for our cities and the citizens who live in them. But how do we address some of these concerns, and what can we do to re-create our cities so they are geared more around people and less towards cars?

Dr. Alan Wong from the University of Southampton, Carolyn Ireland from Southampton City Council and Josh Allen from Sustrans will provide insights into why we need more School Streets and Street Openings for people, how to achieve these, and what this mean for changing our cities so they are oriented more towards people rather than cars.
As well as presenting the scientific evidence and theoretical underpinnings behind why cities need to change, this webinar will draw on the experiences of Southampton and six other European cities that form the EU Metamorphosis Project Consortium on how to implement effective Street Openings and School Streets, particularly so they are designed around children, to help sustain our future generations and the benefits this can bring.
This webinar will also provide answers to the following questions, and includes a further 20-minute Q&A-session afterwards:

1. What are Street Openings and School Streets?
2. Why should we do, or have more of them?
3. How do we achieve them, i.e. what makes for successful Street Openings/School Streets?
4. What are some of the policy implications in terms of changing some of our cities?