Transport Innovation for Sustainable Development

Leipzig, Germany
Wed 27.05.2020 09:00 to Fri 29.05.2020 11:00

The 2020 Summit will explore the benefits to transport and mobility brought by the recent advances in new technologies and business models to enhance the accessibility, safety and efficiency of transport infrastructure and services. The discussions will focus on how innovation in transport can contribute to achieving the goals set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and what governance framework is needed to enable this.

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The Summit key themes will include:

• Innovation for decarbonising transport

• Future of the transport workforce

• Public transport in a world of new mobility

• Modern travel and the digital divide: bridging the gap

• Infrastructure for the new mobility landscape

 Emerging new trends in supply chains 

• Innovation for gender equity in the sector

• Road safety in the age of new mobility 

• Blockchain, open algorithms and alternative approaches to data-sharing

• … and many other themes featuring transport innovation for the environmental, social and economic sustainability.