Children of 6 primary schools improving traffic safety

  • Posted on: 6 April 2020
  • By: Anna Solderer

Children from 6 primary schools in Tilburg have explored their school environment for dangerous situations. During the Schoolscan they gave tips, worked them out and presented them to the class and to employees of the municipality.
The tips show that children find the traffic signs at schools boring and unobtrusive. Busy crossing points are also perceived as dangerous. Children think color is important: especially the color orange makes a clear and cheerful impression. In the near future, the municipality will keep on working on the advice of the children in order to further improve road safety at the other schools in Tilburg.

"It is good to see that children want to actively contribute to improve the safety around their school. The municipality naturally takes the children's tips with them and translates these into visible measures in the school area. For example, the children have opted for orange traffic signs and striking pedestrian crossings. The important pedestrian routes to the school are also provided with orange footsteps, "said alderman Mario Jacobs (Mobility):" In this way, we are working together on a safe school environment. "

Children also indicated that a school environment should be clean and that the inconspicuous waste bins do not contribute to that. The trash cans therefore also get an orange color. In the spring, 5 schools that participated  in the program 'Tilburg Safe To School' will personalize 2 bins per school. This will be done on the basis of children's drawings.

Start work
Work will start on 9 March around primary school: De Stappen, Oculus, De Wegwijzer, De Triangel, De Lochtenberg and Berkeloo. The municipality of Tilburg will continue to improve road safety around primary schools in the coming year. All schools in Tilburg will receive a flyer about this.

Participating in  the project' Metamorphosis' Tilburg was able to develop, organize and carry out the measures where children play a central role in co- creating their school environment.