Let the Kids Play in the Streets

  • Posted on: 5 July 2019
  • By: Sabine Oberrauter

A high amount of street space is dedicated to motorised traffic, making it inaccessible to children. Currently, for children to be allowed to use a parking space for playing, it would be necessary to do that in a parked car!

Many urban spaces are planned for the convenience of large cars forcing cyclists and pedestrians to squeeze together on the edges of road. It makes no sense to most people, except for the one holding the power of overkill.

Adapting the EU cities to children’s needs, which presupposes taking their opinions into account and making urban spaces unrestricted and leads to an environment that makes Healthier People!

“We have to stop measuring our success by car sales as an economic indicator, it is time to end that. We should measure ourselves by the health of our children“

(Mikael Colville-Anderson, Steakholder Roundtable 2019)