Metamorphosis' Fact Sheets are now available

  • Posted on: 25 May 2020
  • By: Anna Solderer

Metamorphosis is initiating activities for child-friendly urban spaces all over Europe. Our project partners in Austria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland and the United Kingdom organized several events to engage the community and to establish sustainable mobility as well. As you can imagine, a wide range of different topics and creative ideas came out. Their overviews are now catalogued in fact sheets available here:

The fact sheets do not just include a simple project description, but also information about required human or finance resources. Besides inspiration, the fact sheets provide instructions for the planning process and help future imitators with a critical evaluation and useful recommendations and the contact details for further information. That is one way how the positive aspects and acquired knowledge of Metamorphosis will last and may spread in other cities in the future.

One of 60 examples are the “Mobility Share Points” in Zurich. There, inhabitants from a settlement can book e-bikes, one e-cargo-bike and children’s bikes for free. A group of volunteers is responsible for the management of the share point, the reservation system and the maintenance of the bicycles. The Share Points were implemented in two different settlements where they were accepted in different ways. Although it was the same project and the same offer for the community, one share point was used regularly whereas the other one had hardly no demand.

This aspect is explained very well in the fact sheet illuminating differences in communication, presence of the share point and mobility habits of the residents. Based on these experiences, it is listed in the recommendations to choose an easily accessible bike location, find motivated volunteers, to have financial resources for repairs and to have a good communication with the community.

Described as its impact on the community you get an idea about what the project is mainly good for. In this case it is a direct influence on cycling and an indirect influence on the neighbourhoodness and child-friendliness.

If you are interested in making such an effort for your community, too, you can follow the listed five-step process plan.

Now it is time to take the idea of Metamorphosis further and to implement the measures in other cities. Good work!