Mobile gardens as 'fertiliser' against loneliness

  • Posted on: 3 August 2020
  • By: Sabine Oberrauter
Gartenrad_FGM 2020

The metamorphosis space transformer has been further adapted within the framework of the "Zusammenhalt Graz" - Action Plan 2020 against loneliness of the city of Graz.

Loneliness and social isolation have many faces. Regardless of age, income or nationality, we believe that low threshold communication stimuli can help to reduce loneliness.

The 'growing' of social contacts in a neighbourhood will be encouraged by parking a cargo bike based garden. The parking of bicycles does not require a permit and is an uncomplicated way to create social crystallization points. The involvement of the neighbourhood is achieved by a personal request to water and keep an eye on the garden. That way those affected are included in the community and keep the self-perception of being needed AND being important. The necessary inventory for gardening and a comfortable stay is provided. 

The newly created community spirit through collective efforts and goals, mutual support and investment in a common space not only enlivens the neighbourhood but also contact with nature, regular physical activity and the reduction of stress are an additional health bonus. The aim of the project is to break the taboo and make people aware that their loneliness is not a private problem.