A parklett for a school in Zurich

  • Posted on: 17 April 2018
  • By: Barbara Kieser

In the second week of April 2018, a sixth grade of the primary school “Kartaus” in Zurich temporarily transformed a parking lot, as part of a project week on mobility and public space. In one and a half day, the school class built a bar from recycled wooden material: the Carrozza bar. In teams, they developed a design idea, a communication concept, several means of communication such as a flyer and posters, and prepared the decoration for the bar. On Wednesday, the pupils installed the bar on a teacher’s parking spot on the school premises and invited all other pupils of the school for a snack during the break. On Friday afternoon, the pupils transferred the bar to a public parking spot where they invited their parents for a “cocktail” party on the parking spot. The transformation of the parking spot impressively demonstrated to the pupils, teachers and parents how much public space cars take up.