Road openings for walking and cycling in Vienna

  • Posted on: 30 March 2020
  • By: Anna Solderer

In Vienna, Transport City Councillor Birgit Hebein has announced imminent road openings for walking and cycling.
This is intended on the one hand to ensure the required physical (not social!) distance for necessary walking and cycling (which is not possible with many of the current sidewalk and cycle path widths), and on the other hand to create recreational areas in the immediate residential environment away from (partially still closed) parks.

Vienna would thus finally follow international pioneers:
- Almost 2 weeks ago, Bogotá built 76 km of temporary protected cycle lanes practically overnight.
- Mexico City is even planning 130 km of protected bicycle lanes.
- in Berlin, two protected cycle lanes were erected within 3 days, more are planned
- Toronto and Vancouver plan similar measures.
- New York City has closed 4 central street sections to motor vehicle traffic.

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