Street closures in Zurich

  • Posted on: 9 October 2018
  • By: Barbara Kieser

A street festival took place in the two settlements of Bändli and Tiefenbrunnen at the end of September. On 22 September 2018, the residents of the Tiefenbrunnen settlement were invited to build garden furniture from palettes, enjoy coffee and cake in the temporary street café or cut their own bouquets from the flower pots provided by the city. A section of the Wildbachstrasse was temporarily closed for this purpose. In the Grünau district, the street closure of 29 September 2018 was used to hold a street soccer tournament and to sit together for sausage and raclette.

The head of the civil engineering and waste disposal department Richard Wolff and the head of traffic and urban space Rupert Wimmer were also present in the two settlements. In an address, they commented on the results of the neighbourhood analysis. In these neighbourhood analyses, positive aspects, problems and wishes regarding playgrounds, inner courtyard design and traffic situations were collected by the children of the settlements in June and presented to City Councillor Richard Wolff on 6 July. At the street festival, the two reported on what can be achieved from these wishes.